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What is Spacious Presence?

Spacious Presence has been called by many names – the ground of your being, the ‘peace beyond all understanding’, the true Self, clarity, God, etc.

But this presence is  not something that can be grasped by just describing or understanding it.  It needs to be  felt or  experienced.

If you take a moment now, to just pause, open and relax, you might begin to sense it. When you allow your attention to come to rest and soften, there’s a sense that there is ‘something more’ here than a ‘me’. As you rest more fully in this ‘something more’, this ‘presence’, you may feel yourself settling into an easy sense of peace, of natural well- being or subtle aliveness – a fuller sense of ‘What You Are’. This presence is always here but we don’t always notice it.

The beautiful thing is that tuning into this fuller sense of  ‘What You Are’, this presence or beingness,  requires no effort, no special technique, no change in your inner or outer circumstances – and it is deeply nourishing.


What Difference Will it Make in My Life?

Resting in this presence, you find that whatever was seemingly in your  way of feeling okay or at peace,  feels different, as it is arising within the fabric of this larger space of soothing comfort and security.  Difficult thoughts, emotions and tensions organically settle and harmonize. You begin to experience your usual ‘problems’ and preoccupations in a refreshing, new light – while neither avoiding nor bypassing anything.

Your sense of ‘what you are’ begins to expand.  Usually, we define ourselves based on what we are thinking and feeling and we experience highs and lows based on the thoughts and emotions that are passing through our minds and bodies.  As you become familiar with resting in presence, you begin to see that  although your thoughts and feelings come and go, the larger sense of presence is the only thing that actually doesn’t change.  And a shift begins to take place, as presence begins to permeate more and more  — and you realize that that this soothing, spacious, alive well-being is actually what you truly are.

What we are exploring here is not a technique, a meditation or an experience but a fundamentally different way of meeting life. We are tapping into a resource that doesn’t come and go, even in the midst of our busy minds and emotions. This is actually a natural step in our evolution – therefore, there is an instinctive ‘homing instinct’ drawing us toward it. Once we’ve had some ‘tastes’ of this way of being, it organically begins to infuse our everyday life.

We invite you to join us in this journey and see the difference it can make in your own life…

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Spacious Presence in Turbulent Times

Bruce and Elly Nygren, Spacious Presence co-founders

Understandably, we are all deeply triggered by events in our world right now. There is a sense of powerlessness, shock, and even despair, sucking us in. It is becoming obvious that none of the old ways are going to work anymore. And we have few new paradigms of action with which to change things for the better.

What if change has to occur both externally and within the recesses of our own psyches? What if we could change our relationship with external forces in such a way that we could open up fresh and unforeseen ways of moving forward? Is it an experiment worth trying? My heart says it is. My gut says we must.

I look forward to sharing more about this in the coming weeks, and I hope if this inquiry resonates with you, that we can sit with it together for a while – in not presuming to know the answers, in honest and open-ended contemplation.

If you are interested, you can always email either me or Elly.  Let’s chat.


Elly’s email is elly@nilenet.com

Bruce’s email is bruce@spaciouspresence.org