There are so many people “waking up” these days, so many of them making themselves available in offerings on the web, in groups, in coaching sessions. Yes, some offerings are “purer” than others, some more or less direct and honest than others; but the Place from which these offerings arise is universally unsullied by ego in each one.
I know this because, when I truly look at myself and my own offerings, even though the words
have to make their way through my many filters of aversion, desire, self-importance and fear of
being totally honest, the pure source within vibrates within my heart with such an unstoppable
urge toward expression, that all the apparent obstacles fall like dust before it.
I guess a simpler way to say this might be: Screw the obstacles! Just stop listening to them and
notice what pushes up from the very foundation of Being within. Listen to that, and move with it.
Let the heart break with its beauty and power! Shout it and whisper it in the shared silence where
all hearts beat as one.
We’ve had enough of the rest of it, the little lies and self-deceptions, the holding back for fear of
being “wrong,” or, really, of being SEEN in all of our splendor and human frailty. We are all
waking up, and we are waking up together, as brothers and sisters. Sense around you, right now,
as you read this. Do you not feel all of us together? Can you actually find a real separation
between us? Throughout all of these unique expressions of Life – the ones we love and the ones
we dislike – is there not a current vibrating with the energy of Silence?
We – I – can be mean, or careless, or stubborn. We – I – can act sometimes in ways which hurt
those around us, and ourselves. Yet, even as this occurs, aren’t we tired of then reacting to our
own conditioned ignorance, of letting ourselves be paralyzed in the trap self-judgement? A
simple apology suffices, along with whatever remedial action is necessary – and we can move on.
Why? Because the vibration which unites us to all that is never for an instant left us, never
stopped, continued to be Love within and around us.
What is important to us – to me, to you? I mean REALLY important – beneath everything else?
We need to ask ourselves this question with impeccable honesty. And if we have done that, we
already have the answer. The one who asks that question is the one we seek – right here all the