What Participants Say

The Spacious Presence workshop is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I did nothing but gained everything. I learned how to remain in the present and was amazed at what surfaced, or faded away. It is nothing short of a powerful transformation.

The ‘Spacious Presence’ class was wonderful. It helped me understand myself better and be comfortable just sitting quietly with myself, ‘standing in my own two shoes’. It is really difficult to describe this class in words – however, what it offered was priceless. I find myself feeling more calm, presence and peaceful within myself. It is a very spacious feeling that comes over me and brings a smile to my face. Elly is such a wonderful, caring and kind facilitator/therapist with a wealth of knowledge. She truly walks the talk. I would highly recommend this class and Elly.

The Spacious Presence workshop enabled me to relax into the awareness of this moment and opened me to the vastness and richness of my being – which has been a true gift.

I would like to go to a Spacious Presence meeting for the rest of my life!

The skills I gained in Spacious Presence have been life changing- allowing me to just “let it be” and find peace in all moments, scary, good and bad. I give praise ALL the time to Spacious Presence when people comment on how calm I am. For example, my husband came home the other night and said he has to find a new job…I was as calm as cucumber!! He commented on how my anxiety is so much less since the group.

I’ve visited other places to sit. All are good, but you offer something special. Your guided meditations and your soothing voice, your insights and humbly shared wisdom are inspirational and transformative. I am a fan of your work!

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