Q: “We rarely have “it all”…so, I wonder, ‘what is enough?’”
A: In my book, we have it all all the time, but we (at least I) often live inside the thought that there isn’t
enough somehow. This is suffering.
Q: I guess to want more is to be human and to be human means to suffer…but to appreciate what we
already have is hopefully to rise above suffering.
A: Being human involves pain, peace, happiness, sorrow – all of the above. Suffering, it seems to me, comes from either fighting with what is or trying to make things stay the same. These are the friction and the glue which we add on to our actual experience, and they form a story which we then believe is
our reality. When we do this, we have taken a step away from our actual experience. We do this all the time, yet there are times when we become clear about it. When we experience pain, even deep pain, and turn to be with it rather than trying not to be in it, we still have pain, but we have stopped adding
suffering. When we have fear, even existential fear, and turn to be with it completely, the label disappears and we are in the midst of a field of pure energy – sometimes very powerful and
uncomfortable energy, but without a remembered past or imagined future story to it. We have uncoupled ourselves from the illusion which gives us the added suffering.  So you are right. To be human means to suffer. Until it doesn’t. At least as I see suffering.